Vol 4, No 2 (2007)

Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal, Fall 2007

Table of Contents


Heidi M. Szpek
Tzvia Koren-Loeb
Benay Blend

Biographical Essays

Arnold Reisman

Book Reviews

Carmen Caballero-Navas. The Book of Women's Love and Jewish Medieval Medical Literature on Women: Sefer Ahavat Nashim. London, New York, Bahrain: Kegan Paul, 2004.
Justin Jaron Lewis
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Nathan P. Devir
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Susan Landau-Chark
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Albrecht Classen
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Adam Stewart
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Walter E. Brown
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Sara L. Kimble
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Amy Tziporah Karp
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Helen Frink
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Shayna Sheinfeld
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Sandra Dillon
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Beth Dwoskin
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Andrea Eidinger
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Chris Chan
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Melissa Faulkner
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Rebecca Davis
Marjorie Agosin. The Angel of Memory. Translated with a Prologue by Elizabeth Horan. San Antonio, Texas: Wings Press, 2001
Benay Blend
Helen Jacobus Apte. Heart of a Wife: The Diary of a Southern Jewish Woman. Edited and with explanatory essays by her grandson, Marcus D. Rosenbaum. Wilmington, DE: Scholarly Resources, 1998.
Sara Rofofsky Marcus
Alisa Harth. When we Basked in the Warmth of the Sun. Tel-Aviv: Yedioth Ahronot Books and Chemed Books, 2005. [Hebrew]
Azila Talit Reisenberger

Film Reviews

Purity (Tehora). Dir. Anat Zuria. Amithos Films, 2002. 63 min.
David A. Salomon
The First Cleveland Jewish Film Festival (2007): What is the Role of Women?
Batya Weinbaum
Yiddish Theater: A Love Story. USA 80 minutes. Director: Dan Katzir. Katzir Productions
Batya Weinbaum
Swimming in Auschwitz. Dir: Jon Kean. 63 minutes, USA, 2007.
Batya Weinbaum
Video Portraits of Survival Volume Two
Batya Weinbaum

Fiction - Short Stories

The Piecework of Being a Second-Generation American Jew
Lenore Weiss
Sing Me to Sleep
Kim Ben-Porat
Kate Mende-Fridkis
The Phone Call - 1982
Renee Friedman
Sacrifices for the Revolution
Miriam Budner
Give Me a B
Carol Schwalberg
What Remains
Sandra Hurtes
Big Bug
Ellen Geist
Baking from Scratch
Norma Anapol
My Glamorous Mother
Adam Jeffries Schwartz
Shana Steiger

Fiction - Poetry

I.B. (Bunny) Iskov
Why Sould I Feel Half a Woman?
Julie Phelan
Jerusalem of the Jews
Renee von Paschen
Tia Pliskow
At the Always Open Wall; In the Newly Open Section of the Wall 5766; Jerusalem 5767/2007
Felice Myriam Kahn Zisken
Marjorie Deiter Keyishian
Leah Shelleda
Seneca Falls, 1998
Dori Appel
Poem in Four Mood Swings
Lenore Weiss