Vol 7, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents


Daniel R Langton
Lois Elinoff Rubin

Contemporary Midrash

Simcha Paull Raphael
Yiskah Rosenfeld
Lyssa Tall Anolik

Book Reviews

Ruth Panofsky. At Odds in the World: Essays on Jewish Canadian Women Writers. Toronto: Inanna Publications and Education, 2008.
Kitty Millet
Elliot N. Dorff, and Ruttenberg, Danya. Jewish Choices, Jewish Values: War and National Security. Philadelphia PA: Jewish Publication Society, 2010.
Donald J. Goldstein
Judy Klitsner. Subversive Sequels in the Bible: How Biblical Stories Mine and Undermine Each Other. Philadelphia, Penn.: Jewish Publication Society, 2009.
David A. Bosworth
Elliot N. Dorff, and Danya Ruttenberg, Eds. Jewish Choices, Jewish Voices: Sex and Intimacy. Philadelphia, PA: The Jewish Publication Society, 2010.
Susan Landau-Chark
Lorraine Lotzof Abramson. My Race: A Jewish Girl Growing Up Under Apartheid in South Africa. DBM Press, LC: Springfield, VA, 2010.
Linda Bowles-Adarkwa
Elly Teman. Birthing a Mother: The Surrogate Body and The Pregnant Self. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010
Rachel E. Silverman
Paul Steinberg. Celebrating the Jewish Year: The Spring and Summer Holidays. Philadelphia: JPS: 2009.
Sonia Zylberberg
Runo Isaksen. Literature and War: Conversations with Israeli and Palestinian Writers. Translated by Kari Dickson. Northampton, MA: Olive Branch Press, 2009.
Brian E. Crim
Sandra Hurtes. On My Way to Someplace Else: Essays. Norfolk: Poetica Publishing, 2009.
Tahneer Oksman
Chaya T. Halberstam. Law and Truth in Biblical and Rabbinic Literature. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press 2010.
David B. Levy
Sefer Tikkun Soferim of Rabbi Itzhak Tzabah: Copied in Jerusalem in the Year 1635 by the Scribe Yehudah Mor'ali. Notes and Introduction by Ruth Lamdan. Tel Aviv: The Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research, Tel Aviv University, 2009.
Thalia Gur-Klein

Annual Writing Competition

Lifeblood (First Place, Short Fiction)
Gail Labovitz
Green Stockings (Second Place, Short Fiction)
Wendy Dickstein
Gone (Third Place, Short Fiction)
Roberta Newman
Suburbs of Zion (First Place, Poetry)
Roberta P. Feins
Creation (Second Place, Poetry)
Carol Rose
Ba-Midbar (Third Place, Poetry)
Diane Elliot
The House of David (First Place, Essays)
Ricky Rapoport Friesem
Taking Tillie to Bally's (Second Place, Essays)
Gail Cohen
Learning to Love My Son (Third Place, Essays)
Diane N. Solomon