Leah Shelleda

Canaanite goddess,
dethroned consort of Yaweh
though you are as familiar as my own body
as the opening I was warned not to touch
I have not known you

I was inscribed with Hebrew letters
the rabbis colonized my childhood
in the name of omniscience
now I want to know Asherah
was it your tree of knowledge
that bore fruit in His garden?

I want to know you
it is not the thrill of sacrilege
though god knows I deliberately trespassed
crossed holy rivers carrying the ark
of the wrong covenant
cross dressed in a garment sacred
to one god while praying to another
but this this wanting
is not that its hunger

they say women once molded bread
into the shape of your body
now the yeast of you is rising in me
I want to sculpt your breasts your thighs
in sabbath dough the braided loaf
a Jewish woman is commanded to bake

I want, yes
I want
to lift your body
to my mouth
taste you
take you inside

celebrate my first communion

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