At the Always Open Wall


Felice Miryam Kahn Zisken



Under the predawn sky

at the always open Wall, women gather.


Letters addressed to God, Jerusalem

arrive at the world’s largest post office.


A Nigerian tourist walks up to the stones.

“She is Queen of Sheba,” a beggar offers.


A bride floats into the women’s section

in a circle of hope and laughter.


A new day’s Song of Songs.

In our hearts, heaven can happen.


Sometimes a little dot lets the sky in.



In the Newly Open Section of the Wall 5766



The shaft

at Wilson’s Arch

is no longer fenced in.


The floor is now

reinforced glass

our layered lives on view.


“This stone looks less smooth,

hasn’t been kissed like the others,”

someone comments.


Past the shaft

at the no-longer-fenced-in

Wilson’s Arch


you kiss the stone in question.



Jerusalem 5767/2007


Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

May those who love you be tranquil.

Psalms 122: 6



A rose is a rose is a rose

Terror is terror is terror.


A woman beggar

prays by heart –


Sha’alu shlom Yerushalayim

Yishlayu ohavayich


And hands out rosemary

blessings for the four corners of the house.


In the arch of the closed-with-stones door

Two white doves face each other.


In our yearning determined hearts





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