Haredi/Chabad Women’s Acculturation Experience in a Non-Haredi Institute of Higher Education in Northern Galilee

Brenda Geiger, Dorit Alt


This article examines the worldview of Haredi/Chabad women as they enroll for the first time in a non-Haredi institute of higher education in the Northern Galilee. Higher education is perceived as a means to escape extreme financial difficulties, and acquire better employment opportunities. For these women, who are both breadwinners and caregivers of large families, higher education in their region meant increased funding and broader range of fields of studies beside the traditional education Haredi/Chabad women could pursue. While willing to compromise at a structural level, they wished to remain separate from all other ethnic and religious groups at the cultural level. They resisted the dominant Israeli discourse on multicultural integration, which to them meant the destruction of cultures, traditions, and religious orientations.

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