Confessional Writing About Incest: Lea Aini’s Rose of Lebanon and S’domel

Shai Rudin


This study is devoted to the poetic representation of incest as it appears in the works of Lea Aini (b. 1962), a central feminine voice in today's Israeli literature. Aini’s works departs from the linear realism, characteristic of most Israeli writers, and resorts to alternative poetic forms, which include naturalism, grotesque, stream of consciousness, symbolism, and confessional fiction. An Inter-Textual reading of Aini’s works Rose of Lebanon and S'domel demonstrates a resemblance between her poetics and the writings of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Kathryn Harrison, Sapphire, Sylvia Fraser, Alice Walker, and Camilla Gibb, who also wrote about incest.

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