Tattered Girl

Tattered Girl[1]




Poem by Gili Haimovich, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Translation from Hebrew by Dara Barnat, Tel Aviv, Israel




I’m discovering a suburban wife

within me.

I still don’t want to find out

if she is really nice

or nasty.

Does this mean I’ll need to give up
being a tattered girl?

for our anniversary,

let’s do something destructive together.
Maybe we can also overcome it

as part of the celebration.
On our wedding day
I will be sad 
(because I love you, so) it’s unexpected.
There will be no evidence of the suburban wife.
In the end I’ll decide not to become a mother,
to stay the tattered girl,

no one’s little girl,
not even yours.

Or maybe I will become a mother,

holding our baby girl in my belly,
like a girl with only one doll.
A patched doll-daughter for a tattered girl-mother.
This is serenity,

sadly foreign, nearly estranged.



[1] From: My Forces Fire (2007)


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