Jewish Women's Voices: Past and Present
A Bibliography

Compiled by Frieda Forman
with Cynthia Maier
Women's Educational Resources Centre, University of Toronto

[Contemporary Jewish Feminism] [Jewish Women's History] [Jewish American History] [Religion and Spirituality] [Biblical Scholarship] [Holocaust Writings] [Israel/Palestine] [Biography] [Canadian Biography] [Fiction] [Canadian Fiction] [Poetry] [Yiddish Literature in Translation] [Violence Against Women] [Bibliographies and Curriculum Guides] [Periodicals]

Contemporary Jewish Feminism: Issues and Perspectives

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Jewish Women's History

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Jewish American History

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Religion and Spirituality

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Holocaust Writings

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Canadian Biography

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Story of Chaika Wiseman, a Ukrainian dollmaker who came to Canada in the 1920s.

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Young woman who dreams of escaping the poverty of her

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Violence Against Women

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True story of Steven Steinberg who murdered his wife, Elana. The defense attorney attacked the victim a second time in court - portraying Elana as the stereotypical "Jewish American Princess" who drove her husband to murder.

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Bibliographies and Curriculum Guides

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