Leonard Bernstein Speaks to Me


Leonard Bernstein Speaks to Me


Carol V. Davis, Los Angeles, CA


10pm. I drag myself to the car.

Even the security booth is abandoned.

I slide in, check the backseat, lock the doors.

So dark I cannot fit the key into its hole.

The engine grumbles,

roused unhappily from its slumber.

On the radio a man lectures on the symphony.

It is Lennie, a voice I have known since childhood.


Lennie, tell me more, that everything will turn around.

Money appear in my bank account, a discovered concerto.

Creditors dropped like a revised score.

The Largo waiting to catch me before I fall.

Let me understand how the world is larger than a symphony,

such intricate parts, the delight of a piccolo,

the torrent of kettle drum.

Let me follow your baton as you gather up the violins,

whip them into a crescendo, rein them in,

calm them, then fool them into submission.




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