Anna the prophet

Anna the prophet


Lillian Bouzane, St. John's, Newfoundland


Listen, it was an ordinary day.


For no reason I put on my violet dress, my green cloak, my red shoes; left my house, and pushed through the throngs that were flooding into the Temple.


As I passed near the pillars, I saw there a young couple doing for their son according to the law; the two turtledoves cooed pitifully.


           Moved by so meagre a gift, I stopped and looked into the delicate face of the child. As I pondered a voice within me cried out:


This is the One who has been proclaimed from ancient times.


This is the One who will go before the Face of the Lord for the redemption of Israel.


This is the One who will make the early and later rains come down on us.


Marvelling at what I had heard from my own mouth, I left the startled young family and went into the Temple and remained there, in contemplation of that voice that proclaimed the knowledge of the Living God.




Lillian Bouzane, St. John's, Newfoundland


Amos, the goatherd

dresser of sycamore trees

came down from Tekoa

in the Judean hills

crossed the broad steppes

went roaring up to the Temple at Jerusalem

and prophesied there

that Yahweh would sift Israel

as corn is sifted in a sieve

because she had crushed the poor

lessened the measure

taken the shoes from the dispossessed.


He repeated all this

a third and a fourth time

then he went back to his goats and sycamore trees.


What he prophesied came to pass

And that remnant of Judah

picked up the stones of the fallen Temple

and the broken stones of the city

and began again.





Books consulted:  Jerusalem Bible; King James Version; Texts of Terror. Phyllis Trible, Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1984.








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