I read the interview with Anna Faktorovich in the Pennsylvania Literary Journal

           At Beth David


Arlene L. Mandell

Santa Rosa, CA



Beneath a mound of earth not yet

blanketed with violets, my mother

rests at last beside my father

covered in dusty yews, who

died a quarter century ago.


On the narrow marble ledge

I place a smooth pebble. One by one

family members follow till 

his headstone holds a respectable

row of remembrance.


Last comes Derek, great-grandson

he never met, serious at seven

in his small blue blazer. 


I see Daddy’s gap-toothed smile

know he’d rather have a handball

and an egg cream, feel a playful tug

on my blonde pigtails.




                   Bessie’s Legacy


Arlene L. Mandell

Santa Rosa, CA



A century ago she came

    in steerage to America


fleeing Cossacks

    shattered glass

        the stifling shetl.



In my mirror Grandma’s

    gray-green eyes


clouded with cataracts

    stare back at me:


So, madeleh, life for you

    is good in California?




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