Carol Rose


maybe it happened like this 

            *Shekinah sighed

                        a serpentine sound 

                                    a plaintive moan that wrapped

                                                            the firmament


                                                                        like a chrysalis            

                                                                            (in shimmering shades

                                                                                    of cinnamon & gold 

                                                                                                        like a maple leaf

                                                                                                            from an earlier season



                                                                                                maybe that sound

                                                                                     is echoing still

                                                            through galaxies         

                                                through clusters of stars

                                    shaping our future


*Shekinah - Hebrew for the Feminine face of the Divine







Women in Judaism: A Multidisciplinary Journal Winter 2010 Volume 7 Number 2

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[i] Women in Judaism First Annual Writing Competition, Second Place winner in Poetry.

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